How to Arrange Sandwiches on a Garnish Tray

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Attractive presentation makes a garnish tray more appealing. Caterers and restaurant staff learn techniques for creating balanced, colourful and appetizing buffet arrangements. A garnish tray offers visually appealing and tasty finger foods.

Adding sandwiches to a garnish tray provides guests with more choices and a more filling food option. Garnishes that complement sandwiches -- such as a variety of olives, peppers and pickles -- add colour and texture to the tray. Arranging a bed of greens offers a festive and inviting cold tray presentation for any kind of event, from a casual party to a wedding.

Spread leaf lettuce or kale on a tray. Decorate the tray edges with the top, curly part of the leaves. The base of the leaves point toward the centre of the tray. This creates a decorative bed for the sandwiches and garnishes.

Spear the centre of each sandwich with a long toothpick if the sandwiches are layered, such as club sandwiches or slices of submarine sandwiches. The pick keeps the sandwich together on the tray and makes them neater for guests to select, so the sandwich won't fall apart when someone picks it up. Small finger-food sandwiches may not require a pick.

Arrange the sandwiches by the filling, with the contents exposed to make sandwich selection more obvious for guests. For sandwich quarters, arrange the sandwiches so they are sitting on the crust, with the cut edge of the sandwich pointing up at the viewer.

Arrange the garnishes between the groups of sandwiches. For example, arrange rows of pickle spears, olives, radishes and parsley between the types of sandwiches, radiating out from the centre of the tray like the spokes of a wheel. Other options include arranging finger food sandwiches in a spiral, or setting up the sandwiches in rows on the tray, with a row of garnishes between each row of sandwiches.