Easy home-made adult scarecrow costume

Updated April 17, 2017

The scarecrow is a classic American decoy used by farmers, as well as a popular fictional character from "The Wizard of Oz." It also makes for a creative costume idea for adults who plan to dress up for Halloween. Relatively easy to make, the scarecrow costume is all about the authentic details. Using little to no money and getting creative with things around the house, you can create the perfect homemade costume.

Creating the Hat

Find a wide-brimmed floppy hat in any colour you choose. Using a large straw hat can help achieve the look at well. For an extra effect, iron-on or sew some patches onto the hat or cut a few small holes in the top so that it looks tattered.


Buy or use old clothes to create this costume. Scarecrows are never dressed in clothes that fit, so use baggy jeans or an old pair of overalls. Again, adding patches to the trousers/overalls creates a very authentic effect. Use a long-sleeved flannel or plaid button-down shirt for the top, and use boots you own (either winter or work) or an old pair of tennis shoes.


Use Halloween make-up to create the classic scarecrow face. Cover your entire face with either white or light orange make-up. Use red Halloween make-up to make red circles right at the apples of your cheeks. A brown or black colour face paint will work perfectly to colour your nose with and also to create small freckles near the cheek area. For added effect you can create arched eyebrows with the black make-up.


The attention to detail is essential when creating a scarecrow costume. Be sure to use hay any and every way you can. Attach it to the inside of your hat so that it resembles straw hair. Also, attach it to inside of sleeves and pant legs so it sticks out of clothing. You can also create a straw belt out of hay to hold your trousers up. Other important accessories include a bandanna (tied around your neck or in your pocket), a pitchfork and a fake bird (placed on your arm or shoulder), if you can find them.

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