Homemade Super Hero Masks

Updated April 17, 2017

Dress your child as a favourite superhero for a costume party or Halloween trick-or-treating. Most superhero costumes consist of leotards or tights and a utility belt to hold all of the superhero's tools. With these few items, all that the superhero needs is a mask to hide her identity. Make homemade masks from a variety of materials to match the identity of your favourite superhero or create a new superhero with your own made-up powers, costume and mask.

Card stock

Make a simple eye mask from card stock or cardboard. Locate a template for eye masks on the Internet and download. Print out on solid-coloured or printed card stock. Alter the shapes of the mask by varying the shapes of the eye openings and outline of the mask. Alter the pattern of the eye mask to extend and cover the forehead and paint on eyebrows and a hairline. Let kids paint details on the card stock with acrylic paints or markers or colour with crayons. Punch holes at the ends and insert elastic to fit around the head, knotting the ends on the outside of the mask.

Foam or Felt Sheets

For a more permanent superhero mask, cut templates from foam or felt craft sheets. Stitch the two layers together, inserting feathers, silk leaves or yarn hair between the layers and gluing in place. Let boys and girls personalise their superhero masks with glued-on stickers or gems. For extra strength and permanence, punch holes and add grommets to the ends to secure the elastic. Cover the grommet with a button or gem that fits the theme of the mask. As an alternative to sewing, use fusible felt and iron the layers together.


Use liquid latex and latex paint to make a mask that sticks to your face without elastic or strings. Get a face mask from a costume shop to use as the base for applying a mix of liquid latex and paint, following directions on the liquid latex for mixing and painting onto the face mask. Create your own design and shape, building the mask up with layers of the mix. Cut the mask out carefully and peel away from the face mask. This process takes a little time, as you must allow drying time between layers and before removing from the base face mask. Once the mask is complete, use spirit gum to attach it to your skin. Apply any make-up to your face beforehand.


Make a ski-mask type of hat with a superhero face. Locate a picture of the face of a superhero and resize to fit your head. Either print onto fabric or print onto transferable paper and iron onto fabric. Cut two layers of fabric to fit over your head in the shape of an upside-down U. They will resemble a ski mask. Stitch the layers, right sides together with the printed face inside. Cut out the eyes and mouth and pop over your head.

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