Eastenders Makeup Games

London image by san4es from Fotolia.com

A BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) production, EastEnders is a popular soap opera. The series has been broadcast continually since the 19th February 1985. The series follows characters living in the East End of London and shows the drama in their everyday lives.

Makeover games allow fans of the series to dress their favourite characters from the show and create new looks for them.

EastEnders Interactive Makeover

Go behind the changing room door in this fun makeover game. EastEnders Makeover allows you to choose from 10 of the main characters and peek into their changing room. Here, players can select from multiple costumes and accessories to dress their favourite character in. Some of the outfits are sensible whilst others, such as clown shoes and wigs are meant to add comedy. The characters speak their famous lines from the show as they wait to be dressed.

EastEnders Character Makeover

Another makeover game that allows fans of the EastEnder series to choose their favourite characters---12 from the show---and makeover their look. Players can choose from several outfit combinations for each character, from the sensible to the outlandish. Once the player has created an outfit they like, the game offers the chance for players to export the picture and either save it to the computer or print it.

EastEnders Quiz

Updated every two weeks, the EastEnders quiz, tests fans knowledge of the show. The free online game consists of up to 10 multiple choice questions. Some of the questions deal with the past of the show, but most are kept up-to-date with the current story arch. Many of the questions feature pictures from the show to act as clues to the questions. Once questions have been answered, they are graded for that set. Players can create an user account which will save their scores from all the tests taken.