How to Become a Performance Artist

Performance art is a conceptual art form characterized by unpredictability and unconventional artistic expression. The performance artist engages his audience through creative use of his body and mind. Due to its abstract nature, becoming a performance artist doesn't require formal training in the arts.

Read on to learn more about becoming a performance artist.

Understand the art form. Performance artistry is a fleeting expression of creativity and doesn't have recurring themes. Study well-known performance artists to gain insight into the abstract art form. Also examine the roots of the movement.

Cultivate your art form. Remember that performance art is an undefined expression of creativity and can take on almost any form. From music to dance, define your mode of performance artistry and practice your act.

Develop your performance artist persona. The more colorful your stage persona, the better. You want to capture and engage your audience, so creating an interesting stage presence is key.

Find a venue and audience. Many nightclubs, theaters, art galleries and performing arts centers host events and shows. Find potential venues in your town and inquire about booking a show.

Keep your performance brief. Acts shouldn't go on for longer than 15 to 30 minutes.

Minimize the number of props in your act. Your performance should mainly rely on you and your audience only.