How to Make Your Character in "Skate 3" Look Like Bam Margera

Peter Kramer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"Skate 3" lets you play a skater at the height of his skate career. In addition to new skate maps, challenges and better graphics, "Skate 3" also came up with new character customisation options. The popular skater and entertainer Bam Margera frequently appears at skating events.

In the "Edit Skater" options, certain options bring you closer to looking like Bam, though the personality and skate style is up to you.

Launch "Skate 3." Wait for the main menu to load. Choose "Edit Skater," then select "Body Mods."

Press the right arrow key to change the style of the hair to "Mossed Up," which resembles Bam Margera's tousled do. Pick black for colour. Press the "X" key to save and go back to the main menu.

Press the down arrow and select "Facial Hair." Set the facial hair to "Goatee." Press "X" again to save and go back.

Select "Upper Body Tattoos." Add tattoos on the arms and chest to mimic Margera's ink. The styles vary, but Margera has multiple tattoos on his arms. Press "X" to go back.

Go back to the "Edit Skater" menu and choose "Merchandise," then select "T-Shirts" and pick "Adio Sketchy" in "Option 1." Adio Footwear is one of Bam's sponsors. Press "X" to save and go back to the "Merchandise" menu.

Select "Pants," then pick a jean you like for your Bam character. If you look at most pictures of Bam, he likes to wear black colours.

Press "X" and head back to "Merchandise," then select "Shoes." Pick the Adio shoes from the list. From here, players change accessories and decks any way you wish.