Halloween Rat Crafts

Written by stephanie kelley
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Halloween Rat Crafts
Rats are a member of the rodent family. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Halloween is an appropriate time of year to create all types of gross, ghoulish and downright creepy crafts. Scary rats with sharp teeth, and even cute and friendly rats, are staples of Halloween stories and holiday decor. Create Halloween rat crafts to use in decorations, gifts or just for fun.

Rat Costumes

Use a rat Halloween costume as a way to spook the trick-or-treat visitors. Make a rat mask out of a paper plate. Paint the plate black. Cut a triangle to glue to the centre of the paper plate. The triangle should be slightly thinner than the paper plate and long enough to extend below the bottom of the plate. Cut eye holes and use a marker to add a nose and whiskers. Cut two large black construction paper circles and glue them to the top of the mask as ears. Add a piece of elastic to the plate to help keep it in place. Wear a black sweat suit to complete the outfit.

Another way to create a rat costume is to use a headband. Cut large black circles out of felt and glue them to a headband to create a rat's ears.

Edible Rat Crafts

Use edible Halloween rat crafts as prizes for a Halloween-themed games or as a gift. Make a rat costume to disguise an ordinary chocolate bar. Cut a rat shape out of brown construction paper. The shape should be of an overview of the rat with a pointed nose, teardrop body and a long thin tail. Embellish the rat with red sequins for eyes, small triangle paper ears and thread for whiskers. Fold the rats body lengthwise to create a tent and tape a small chocolate bar to the underside of the rat.

Another way to create an edible rat craft is to create a rat out of marshmallows. Stick a marshmallow onto a skewer and dip it in melted chocolate. Use icing to create a black nose and whiskers and add two small, red cinnamon candies for eyes. Use icing to stick to chocolate discs to the marshmallow to serve as ears.

Rat Decorations

Use rat crafts to decorate for Halloween. Make a rat-themed table setting fit for a Halloween party. Cut a rat head shape out of black construction paper. Add red bead eyes or google eyes to the face. Also add thread whiskers. Add the face to the rim of a paper plate so it appears that the body of the rat is the plate. Cut a tail and four legs and tape them to the outside of the plate so the legs lay on the table. Put food on the plate and lay a fork on top of one of the rat's legs to make it appear as if he is holding the fork.

Or create a rat out of paper to use as a decoration or a party favour. Make a cone out of black construction paper. Add google eyes to either side of the point. Glue a pink pom to the tip to create a nose. Cut pieces of yarn and glue to the rat's face to represent whiskers. Cut some round ears out of black paper and glue them to the rat's head. Cut a tail out of yarn. The cone can be used as a decoration or you can fill a baggy with candy corn and put it in the rat cone to give as a gift.

Other Halloween Rat Crafts

There are many rat Halloween crafts. Make a rat pin to give as a gift or to wear to a Halloween celebration. Cut a heart of black, grey or brown felt. The two bumps on the heart will be the rat's ears. Add a pink kidney bean shape to the interior of the ears. Add google eyes, a pom nose and some thread for whiskers. Add a safety pin to the back and wear.

Create cutouts of rats to use on notice boards or in party or home decor. Cut out a silhouette of a rat and tape it to a wall. Create several different rats with some in a standing position and others walking.

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