Ways to Sufficiently Arrange a Small Room With Two Twin Beds

In a growing family, children must often share a room as space in the home begins to dwindle. If your kids have to coexist in a small bedroom, it can be challenging to find ways to fit all of their belongings in one space. In particular, you may have trouble figuring out the best way to arrange two twin beds in a room that is short on a space. Fortunately, there are several setups to maximise space.

Place on Opposite Walls

To maximise the space in a small bedroom, place the twin beds against the wall in opposite corners of the room to create as large an aisle between them as possible. This set-up allows for a nightstand between the beds. On the other end of the room, you can place dressers side by side or a large table that can serve as a desk. An opposite wall layout is ideal when children are sharing a room because it creates distinct areas for each, even if the shared space is small.

Create L-Shape

Another option when setting up twin beds is to place them on perpendicular walls so they form an L-shape. This layout leaves a large area of continuous open space in the centre and far side of the room, providing a play area for small children sharing the room. You can place a large dresser or armoire on one of the free walls and desks or bookcases on the other.

Try Bunk Beds

One of the easiest ways to maximise space in a small bedroom is to use bunk beds, which usually consist of two twin beds stacked on top of each another. They typically feature a ladder that allows access to the top bed. Because they are placed over one another, you can place both twin beds in the floor space that would normally fit one. This leaves you with much more space for dressers, desks and bookcases. It may even provide enough space to add a chair to the room.

Add Loft Beds

Similar to bunk beds, loft beds are an ideal solution for fitting two twin beds in a small room. A loft bed is elevated above the floor, but instead of featuring another bed beneath it, the space is left open. You can use this area to place a desk, dresser, chair, bookcase or other furniture item. Place two loft beds on opposite walls in your small bedroom and use the areas beneath them to house desks or dressers. Because this layout maximises space, you can fit whichever items you don't place under the beds on the free walls.

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