Homemade centerpiece ideas for a first communion

Written by mary ellen popolo | 13/05/2017
Homemade centerpiece ideas for a first communion
Rosary beads can be used as part of a centrepiece for a First Holy Communion. (Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images)

Decorations for your child's First Holy Communion can easily be created using items purchased in a craft store. Doves, grapes, crosses and rosary beads are a few common items associated with a Communion. Use these items to create your table centrepieces. Flowers and candles are other traditional centrepieces that can be customised for a Communion party.

Candle Centerpiece

Find a large, round, fishbowl-type candle holder. Fill the bottom of the container with marbles or glass beads, using pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Add a white pillar candle to the centre of the candle holder, and place stemless, white silk flowers around the candle. Glue bead string or individual beads around the edge of the bowl. Where they meet in the front, have a few drape down and attach a cross to the end to look like rosary beads have been attached to the bowl.

Flower Centerpiece

Flowers are a traditional centrepiece for any occasion, and you can create your own using supplies purchased in a craft store. Use a small, flat container for the base and enough flowers to fill it. Add an assortment of white flowers mixed with a few colourful flowers so that the arrangement isn't purely white. Add your own Communion-themed decoration to the arrangement by cutting doves, crosses or chalices out of card stock. Decorate the cutouts with glitter glue, pearls or beads, and attach to a floral pick to add it to the centrepiece.

Religious Centerpiece

Use cheap, or plastic, wineglasses, and spray paint them gold or silver so that they look like a chalice. Decorate the outside of the "chalice" with stick-on gemstones. Place in the centre of the table, and wrap rosary beads around the stem and bottom of the glass. Place a small bunch of artificial grapes on one side of the chalice. On the other side, place a small dove or cross figurine.

Votives on a Mirror

Use square or round mirrors as the base for a candle centrepiece. Decorate plain glass votive holders by gluing on small crosses that can be found in the scrapbooking section of craft stores. Add white votives or tealights to each holder, and place four or five votive holders on each mirror. Sprinkle Communion-themed confetti or pastel-coloured gemstones around the votive holders.

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