What Andis Blade Do You Use on a Yorkie?

Updated November 21, 2016

Yorkshire terriers should be clipped to look their best. Many pet owners purchase Andis clippers, which are known for their powerful motors and efficiency. However, many newcomers to do-it-yourself grooming are confused by the large number of clipper blades available. With clippers, the higher the blade number, the shorter the cut. You should be able to get by with four or five different sizes, though it takes practice to give your Yorkie a professional cut.

No. 40 Blade

A No. 40 blade provides a very short cut and should never be used for a Yorkie's entire body. Groomers often use a No. 40 blade on a terrier's ears. This blade provides a very short cut and works well with the very short, fine hair on a dog's ears and face. Some groomers also use a No. 40 to cut patterns in a dog's fur.

No. 10 Blade

A No. 10 can be used on the main part of a Yorkshire terrier's body, or it can be used on the stomach and groin area. It provides a short, safe cut that you can perform quickly. If you want to catch even more hair with each stroke, you can purchase a wide No. 10, but most Yorkies are small enough to use a regular No. 10.

No. 7 and No. 7F Blade

No. 7 and No. 7F blades are also useful for general body maintenance. The No. 7 is a skip-tooth blade, which has coarse, uneven teeth that are particularly useful for fur that is a bit matted. The No. 7F is a finishing blade, which means it has even teeth that creates a smooth, even finish. Brush your Yorkie's coat well beforehand to get the best results from the No. 7F.

No. 15 Blade

The No. 15 is another short blade that is useful for a Yorkie's face, including the chin and whiskers. You can also use it to get a short cut between the dog's paw pads. Make sure your Yorkie is comfortable with having its feet handled before you do this.

No. 4 Blade

Size No. 4 blades are generally used for longer styles such as the puppy cut, which leave the hair about half an inch long. The puppy cut is a fast, easy cut that keeps the dog clean. However, you should let your Yorkie's hair grow out if you intend to show your dog. Most Yorkies that participate in shows have longer hair.

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