How to remove samoyed fur discoloration

Samoyed image by Nickolay Bolshakov from

Many dog owners are attracted to the Samoyed breed because of their lustrous white coats. The colour and fullness of the fur are distinctive. However, this attractive characteristic requires consistent grooming. A daily 15-minute brushing session can keep the coat clean and free of matting.

Samoyeds have double coats that are naturally dry, owing to no oil glands in the skin. This helps to keep them clean but makes the fur more vulnerable to stains.

Determine the source of the discolouration of your Samoyed's fur. Common causes include dirt, natural stains, fabric dyes and saliva.

Brush your dog with a long-tooth comb. This will get through the Samoyed's thick coat. Dirt will often come off of the dog's dry coat with this simple step.

Bath your dog if the dirt is caked on and does not come off with brushing. A quality canine shampoo should suffice. A wet coat is more susceptible to staining, so keep your dog under close watch until the fur is dry.

Clean the dog's fur with an enzyme-enhanced shampoo if the stain is stubborn. Natural stains, such as mulch or manure, saliva spots or urine stains may require this type of shampoo.

Prevent saliva stains by keeping your Samoyed's pH balance in check. This can be done by adding 1 teaspoon of apple vinegar to each gallon of your dog's drinking water.