Sewing Ideas for Elderly People

Updated July 20, 2017

Sewing can be a very relaxing and therapeutic activity for people of all ages, but specifically the elderly. It provides a way for them to keep both their minds and bodies sharp and active, without being too strenuous. Creating items can be a fun way for the elderly to show their family members how much they care, or make wonderful keepsakes for themselves.

Throw Pillow for a Bed or Couch

Throw pillows can be the perfect way to add comfort and pizazz to a room. To create one or more of these, you will need to pick out the desired pattern or fabric for the outside of the pillow. Place two pieces of fabric on top of each other with the pattern side of each piece facing the other. Cut out both pieces into the desired shape of the pillow. Then sew around the edges of the shape leaving one side not sewn. Flip the pillow inside out, with the pattern now showing on the outside. Stuff the pillow and sew up the final edge, creating a fun and simple throw pillow.

Neck Pillow

Neck pillows are great for creating comfort while sitting and promote healthy neck posture. To create one of these, simply cut two pieces of fabric into a "C" shape. Place the two cut pieces on top of each other with the pattern side of each piece facing away from the other. Sew around the edges of the fabric leaving a space about the size of your fist on one side. Fill the pillow with either stuffing for a pillow or white rice. (Filling the pillow with rice enables it to become a heating pad as well.) Finally, sew up the last edge and enjoy a very comfortable neck pillow.

Picture Frame Decoration

Sprucing up a picture frame is an ideal way to show the importance of the picture within. To create this gift idea, all you need is a basic picture frame with a border width at least 1-inch wide. Trace the outside edges of the frame and inner rectangle onto a piece of fabric. Cut along the outside edge lines as well as the inner rectangle lines, leaving you with a rectangle the exact size of the picture frame border. Then glue the piece of fabric onto the frame using craft glue and insert your picture. To add a little more flair, you can sew or glue buttons, smaller shapes of fabric, or yarn onto the fabric before gluing it onto the frame.

Stuffed Animal

Start by first drawing or tracing your desired animal shape onto a piece of fleece or felt. Cut out two identical animal shapes and sew on buttons for the eyes or a smaller piece of fabric for the nose or ears. Once the animal looks how you want it, sew around the edges of the animal, leaving a hole about the size of your fist not sewn. Fill the animal with soft stuffing and sew up the remaining hole. If you are feeling ambitious, you can sew accessories for the stuffed animal.

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