"Charlotte's Web" Character Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

"Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White is one of the most-loved classics in children's literature. The story of a girl, her pig and the pig's unlikely friend, the barn spider, has entertained kids for generations and is a staple on early education reading lists. Such a popular story lends itself well to Halloween costumes or putting on a play. You can easily create a costume resembling one of the story's beloved characters.

Fern, the Farm Girl

Creating a costume for Fern would be the simplest to undertake because she is the only main character who is human. In illustrations, Fern sometimes has two braided pigtails in her hair, a short-sleeved collared shirt (which is red on the cover of the book), jeans and shoes. For effect, an aspiring-Fern may want to add a few freckles around her nose using a brown or beige make-up pencil.

Wilbur, the Pig

Dressing as a pig is a popular costume choice for kids and easy to execute. The porcine-hopeful needs to appear pink, so a long-sleeved pink shirt and full-length pink trousers are necessary. Costumiers can achieve this with a pink sweatshirt and sweatpants. These are often sold as unisex clothing, which will be helpful for boys who plan to dress as Wilbur. Short, floppy pig ears can be made of cloth or paper and attached to a basic headband. Pig noses are commonly found in toy stores or costume stores. Last but not least, Wilbur's curly little tail could be fashioned with a pink pipe-cleaner.

Charlotte, the Spider

Creating a spider costume, for the story's heroine Charlotte, is also easy. The simplest way to execute this costume would be to first dress in black. A long-sleeved shirt and leggings in black would work well, as would a black leotard and opaque tights. Charlotte will need eight black legs. Make sure sleeves are long-sleeved so that the arms can count as spider legs. To make the four extra legs fill two pairs of opaque black tights with paper or fabric and attach them to the back. For effect, costumiers can paint extra eyes on the face of aspiring spiders, or spider webs for spiders who prefer to appear more whimsical than realistic.

Templeton, the Rat

Creating a costume for the barn rat Templeton would be similar to the pig costume. Just use grey clothing instead of pink. Costumiers may want to make a pink oval from paper or fabric for the acting rat's stomach. They may also fashion little rat ears from paper or fabric and attach them to a headband. Rat/mouse ears and tails are commonly available in most costume shops. For costumiers who decide to make the tail at home, a long strip of fabric or a long, stuffed fabric tube can be fashioned into the tail. Little Templetons can paint on a rat nose and whiskers with face paint.

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