Organizations That Donate Computers to Third World Countries

Updated April 17, 2017

Donate your computer or monetary resources to enrich the lives of children and adults living in a Third World country. With a limited amount of books, access to a computer brings a wealth of information and possibilities to those living in poverty. Educational opportunities intensify in the classroom and students' dreams of attending a university are brought to life with the use of a computer and online access.

Donate a Pentium II or III

Contribute to an organisation such as the "American Team" by donating a Pentium II or Pentium III computer system and monitor to schools in Uganda. The computers are securely packed in lightly used clothing, later received by families within the village. Once the computers and clothing have arrived, Ugandans participate in the installation and are taught computer technology and maintenance. "We continue to investigate in-country avenues for providing teachers support in using the technology as a curriculum-based tool," says the Computers for Uganda website.

Donate a Pentium IV

Place your Pentium IV in a computer lab in a developing country's school, library, community centre or university through an organisation such as World Computer Exchange. If you do not have a Pentium IV to donate, WCE can use your money to give students access to a computer, provide online capacity building in schools and support on-site technical training and troubleshooting. "Being better educated means that these youth will be more equipped to fight poverty, disease, injustice and instability," says the WCE website. Alternatively, give to an organisation such as Rise Foundation, which has facilitated donations of Pentium IV computers in South Africa.

Donate a Computer with Accessories

Focus your efforts toward empowering youth across the globe by donating your computer and all of its accessories to an organisation such as Youth for Technology, a non-profit organisation geared toward bringing technology to classrooms in developing countries as well as in the United States. Youth for Technology accepts working desktop computers, laptops, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, projectors, digital cameras and video recorders. Check with Youth for Technology to ensure your technology meets requirements. Or, donate your computer, power cables, keyboard and mouse to Computer Aid International, a non-profit ensuring complete data destruction upon donation, refurbishing and recycling. According to the Computer Aid International website, other equipment is accepted upon necessity and will be recycled if not used.

Donate a Laptop

Give your laptop to a child as an education resource through an organisation such as World Computer Exchange or keep your computer and for a minimal amount of money place a new laptop in the hands of a child in a Third World country through One Laptop Per Child. As of 2011, One Laptop Per Child reported 2 million children in 31 countries are learning with an XO laptop. These laptops are basic technology designed for the learning mind. "With access to this type of tool, children are engaged in their own education, and learn, share, and create together," says the One Laptop Per Child website.

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