Fun Games to Play Outside When You're Bored

Updated February 21, 2017

When the weather is nice outside and your kids don't have anything to do, keep them entertained by playing fun outdoor games. In this day and age, when kids are often glued to the television or playing computer games, let them get some fresh air and exercise by playing outside. Outdoor games are fun to play with friends, can last for hours and can relieve boredom.

Relay Races

Relay races are fun to play because you can have as many people as you like to play with you -- the more, the better. As long as you have enough people to create two teams, you can have a relay race. Different kinds of relay races that you can play are the egg and spoon relay, potato sack relay and the pop the balloon relay. You can also have a balloon sandwich relay, where you and your partner race from one end to the other by standing back-to-back with a balloon between you. Other relay races are the three-legged race relay, an obstacle course relay and a quick-change relay, where you have to pull an entire outfit on over your clothes and then off again before racing back to tag the next person.

Ball Games

Ball games are fun to play when you're outside, not only because of the space but because you can even play alone. Some of the ball games that you can play alone are tether ball, hitting tennis balls against a wall or "horse," a game where you shoot a basketball as you move to different spots in a horseshoe shape, from two locations on one side of the hoop, to the free-throw line and then to two locations on the other side of the hoop. The game can also be played with friends. If you have a group of friends with you, you can also play games like kickball, monkey in the middle, catch, dodge ball and four square.

Chasing Games

Tag is probably the most popular chasing game that you can play outside. Variations of tag are freeze tag and melting candle tag. In freeze tag, instead of becoming "it" when you're tagged, you have to remain frozen until someone touches you. The last person to remain untagged wins, but becomes "it." In melting candle tag, instead of freezing, you have to act like you're melting until someone touches you. If no one gets to tag you before you "melt," you become "it." Other fun chasing games that you can play outdoors are capture the flag, red light/green light and hide and seek, where the "seeker" has to tag someone who's hiding before that person touches base.

Circle Games

Circle games are usually played by younger children and are fun to play outdoors. "Duck, Duck Goose" is a classic circle game. Another circle game is hot potato, where a ball is passed around in a circle to the tune of any song and the person holding the ball when the song ends is out. The last person to remain in the game is the winner. Another fun circle game is "The Farmer in the Dell." In this game, kids stand in a circle singing the song by the same name. One person is chosen to stand inside the circle. When the children reach the part of the verse that mentions taking something such as in, "The farmer takes a wife," the person in the middle pulls someone from the circle to join them in the middle. This second person then chooses the third person for the next verse and so on. The final verse is "The cheese stands alone," and everyone goes back to the circle until the last person stands alone in the circle. The game doesn't really have an objective but is just something fun to play.

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