Portable Fences for Horses

Updated April 16, 2018

Portable horse fences are convenient for temporary fencing while awaiting a permanent fencing solution, to move frequently for grazing purposes, or for travelling, such as on camping trips, endurance rides or trail riding events. They can be as simple as panels that are designed for travelling, to electrified options. Even standard round pen panels would work, although they are not as convenient for travelling on short trips.

Panels and Corrals That Travel

Portable fence options that travel are great for horse owners who do not like to tie their horse all day and night to a trailer or a tree, or do not have a horse who will tie safely. The pens available now are lightweight and extremely portable, yet durable enough to resist some horse pressure. Some systems are designed to bolt to the side of a trailer, enhancing the sturdiness of the pen or corral.

Electric Travel Fence Kits

You can purchase portable fencing that includes a charger to electrify the fence, thus reducing the chances that the horse will test the fence strength and run through it. A standard kit includes lightweight posts, a fence charger, electric tape and hardware. Depending on the system, some kits will include pegs, such as those used in tents, that offer additional security for the posts. These kits often come in convenient travel bags that can be attached to a saddle or stored in a saddlebag.

Standard Round Pen Panels

You can purchase round pen panels at your local ranch supply store. Panels come in various sizes, such as 10 or 12 feet, and connect together with no additional hardware. The more panels you purchase and set up, the larger the area will be for your horse. They are not necessarily lightweight, but they are portable if you have the capacity to travel with them. They offer a nice option for extended stays or for the less-experienced horse on his first trail ride or overnight camping trip.


Portable fencing is different than temporary fencing, in that -- with the exception of round pen panels -- it is designed specifically for travelling or for short durations of use. Regardless of its durability, portable fencing cannot hold the weight of an adult horse if he gets scared, excited or is otherwise determined to get out. Observe your horse carefully in his portable environment to determine his state of mind and do not leave him unattended for long periods of time.

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