The best floor colors for a small bathroom

Written by brittney horwitz
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The best floor colors for a small bathroom
A light, bright bathroom can make the room seem big enough for two people at once. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

A bathroom is usually one of the smaller rooms of the house, which works just fine for the purposes that it serves. However, if your bathroom is very small, it can seem confining or closet-like, which is not a pleasant experience. To make the most out of the small space of your bathroom, paint the walls and tile the floor in bright, light colours that make the room seem bigger than it is.

For a Bigger Look

Bright, light colours enlarge a room by drawing the eye to all corners and areas of the floor, rather than hiding them like dark colours do. Light colours also reflect light, which highlights the floor and other aspects of the room as opposed to dark colours, which absorb them and allow parts of the room to be swallowed in shadows. Tan is one light colour that has this effect and works well as a neutral base to match any existing colours in the bathroom.

For a Calming Feeling

A high-intensity colour, such as a vibrant red, can make a room seem smaller because of its loud and imposing presence. A calming colour, such as aqua, sea blue and robin's egg blue, induces feelings of relaxation. These low-energy shades make a room seem bigger because they are calm and soothing. According to Sherwin-Williams, a leading paint supplier, blue, green and light violet are the best colours for a soothing effect. Additionally, says Sherwin-Williams, these colours have a receding effect, making the floor seem as if it is moving further and further away from you, which is beneficial in appearing roomy.

To Minimize Effects

One trick to make a small room seem taller is to paint the ceiling a slightly lighter shade than the walls, which will make the wall seem to fade into the ceiling with no defined ending, rather than give them an abrupt ending that showcases just how short the room is. This same trick can be applied to the floors of a small bathroom. Choose a colour for the floor that is slightly darker than the colour of the walls. If the floor and the walls are in the same colour family, such as light blue and very pale blue, they can achieve this flowing effect.

Special Considerations for a Bathroom

A bathroom, whether big or small, is a place that tends to get dirty quickly. Although all floors are walked on, spilt on and otherwise dirtied, floors in other rooms generally stay dry, so the mess can be easily swept away. A bathroom floor is always getting wet, so the water can mix with the dirt and form little piles of mud. To camouflage some of the dirt and mess, a floor that contains elements of colour or pattern can be a huge boon. When choosing the best colours for a small bathroom, choose colours that are light enough to give the impression of a bigger floor but not so light that every little speck of dirt is highlighted.

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