Realistic Ninja Costumes for Kids

Written by amarrae
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Realistic Ninja Costumes for Kids
Parents can accessorise authentic ninja costumes for kids with foam nunchuka. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Ninja costumes are trendy among kids, because they have cool accessories and they conceal the identity of the wearer. Cartoon shows like "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and movies such as "3 Ninjas" and "Beverly Hills Ninja" helped popularise the ninja lifestyle and outfit. Kids want realistic ninja costumes, and parents want costumes that are safe and affordable. Realistic ninja costumes are made of basic black or white fabric; parents can opt to purchase authentic-looking costumes with red or camouflage trimming. Parents should exercise caution and purchase foam, rubber or wooden Ninja weaponry accessories because these materials are safer to handle.

Basic Black Ninja Costume

Basic ninja attire is made of black polyester and cotton-blend material. The costume should include a hood and mask; the mask and hood can be sewn together as one piece to pull over the head and face, or the hood can be sewn onto the jacket collar and the pullover mask is one piece. The trousers have a tightening drawstring at the waist and ankles; additional ties at the knees wrap around the lower legs to the ankles. The jacket covers the forearms and chest area; a drawstring or finger loops are attached to the cuff of the forearm to keep the cuffs from flapping. Rubber sole kung fu shoes or ninja tabi boots are worn on the feet with black ninja tabi socks. A black buckle utility belt fits around the waist of the jacket to secure the jacket in place.

Accessorised Traditional Ninja Costume

Accessorised traditional ninja costumes are made of the same material as basic authentic black Ninja costumes. The attire is the same, black traditional trousers, jacket, belt and hooded mask. The accessories include a variety of rubber, foam and wooden weapons. Three basic ninja weapons are the ninja sword, called a Bokken, nunchuka and throwing stars. Additional weapon accessories are Ninja darts; tessen throwing fans; the shuko, which is used for climbing; arm gauntlet;and three-prong ninja knives called ais. The utility belt has pockets and fasteners to secure the smaller weapons. The Bbokken and sais are secured in a black leather sash that wraps around the back and chest area.

Authentic White Ninja Costume

The white ninja costume is based off the outfit of a popular G.I. Joe cartoon and movie character, Storm. Traditionally, Storm wears an all-white version of the black ninja costume: a white ninja jacket, with a belt, white trousers and a mask and hood. The Storm outfit comes with white fingerless gloves.

Girl Ninja Costume

Female ninjas are called kunoichi. Kunoichi may opt to wear the uniform of her male ninja counterpart or don a more feminine outfit. The feminine version of a ninja outfit includes a fitting body suit, a headscarf to tie down the hair, a mask and hood, and a longer jacket that comes below the waist and is secured by a waist sash. The jacket arms on a female-style ninja jacket are wider to conceal her choice of weapons. Kunoichi use the same weaponry as their male counterparts.

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