Kinds of Dog Beds for Greyhounds

Updated February 21, 2017

If there is a comfortable, warm soft place, you can bet your greyhound will claim it as its own, even if that space is your side of the bed or your expensive sofa. Greyhounds are notorious couch potatoes; if you don't want them on the furniture, you must provide them with another spot for curling up. They can take up a large amount of space when they stretch out, so get a bed that accommodates their size. They also love to dig or nest in their beds --- a habit which can result in rips -- so be sure to get one that is resilient to wear and tear or cheap enough to replace often.

Mammoth and Victoria Peak Trading Co. Beds

Mammoth is a brand of dog beds that can be purchased online. They come in many shapes, including round and oblong. If your greyhound prefers to sleep curled up, the doughnut-shaped Mammoth bed is a good choice. The oblong shape is best for dogs who prefer to stretch out. Each Mammoth bed is covered with a durable canvas cover that can be removed and washed and can withstand a greyhound's nesting behaviour. Victoria Peak Trading Co. also manufactures beds that can withstand a greyhound's nesting behaviour. Each Victoria Peak bed comes in a variety of sizes, with circular ones as wide as 56 inches and rectangular ones as large as 46 inches by 56 inches. The uncovered cushions are made of 100 per cent cotton muslin tick material and stuffed with hypoallergenic fibre. They are soft enough to allow your greyhound to form a nest but thick enough to provide support for their weight. They come with removable covers that can be washed.


Beanbags are another dog bed suitable for a greyhound because they are meant to be formed into shape. Beanbags typically come with a removable cover that can be washed or replaced in the event of a rip. Beanbags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find a bean bag designed specifically for dogs from a pet store or use a regular bean bag meant for human use. When choosing a beanbag, make sure you choose one that has a thick outer covering to resist rips and tears.

Papasan Chair

If your greyhound likes to sleep on furniture such as armchairs and sofas, a papasan chair can serve as a cosy dog bed. Papasan chairs feature round cushions that make a bowl shape when laid inside the frame, which is often wicker or metal. Because the chair is already curved, it limits the dog's need to create a nest, making it less susceptible to rips.

Foam Beds

Foam beds can be a wise choice for your greyhound if the dog has destroyed other types of beds with constant digging and nesting. Foam beds can be relatively cheap, making it less painful financially if the dog destroys it and you need to replace it. They can be cut to any size or thickness. You can make a cover for the foam bed or just place a blanket on top of it for a bit of added comfort. Because greyhounds have very little body fat, buying an orthopaedic dog bed made of memory foam can benefit them. Memory foam, unlike regular foam, forms around the shape of the dog when it lies down. Because the material automatically envelops their shape, greyhounds may not feel the urge to dig and nest.

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