Ancient Greek Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The culture and mythology of ancient Greece has kept people captivated for centuries. The characters of Greek mythology can provide easy ideas for a last-minute costume. You can create an ancient Greek costume for either a man or woman with a few store-bought items and things you can find around your house.

Greek God or Goddess

A Greek god or goddess is an easy costume to make at the last minute. Create a toga from an old bed sheet by tying the ends together above your shoulder and draping it over your body. Use fabric to create a sash going from your shoulder to your hip and tie a length of gold-coloured cord around your waist for a belt. If you want to be a specific god or goddess, accessorise accordingly with a fake beard and lightning bolts for Zeus, winged shoes for Hermes or a stuffed owl for Athena.


Medusa was a monster from Greek mythology with snakes in her hair. Buy a few rubber snakes from a toy store or gift shop and hair extensions if you do not have long hair. Braid your hair or the extensions and wrap them into a bun, weaving the rubber snakes through and locking them in place with hair clips. Add green lipstick and eyeshadow and a black dress or toga made from a bed sheet. If you really want to make the costume stand out, consider snake-eye contacts from a costume shop.


Satyrs are half-goat, half-human mythological creatures with furry legs and horns on their head. Create a satyr costume by sewing together a pair of trousers using brown woolly fur. To make the cloven feet you can carve hooves from foam, spray them black and put them on a pair of old black shoes. You can grow out your facial hair into a goatee and mutton chops or use leftover fur material to create your own. Pointed costume ears and a red scarf complete the look.

Greek Soldier

If you want an ancient Greek costume that is a little more down-to-earth, consider a classic Greek soldier look. You can fashion a toga from fabric or a bed sheet and buy plastic armour from a costume shop to put over the toga. A sword, shield and feathered helmet completes the look, all of which you can find at a costume shop or dollar store. If you don't want to purchase this costume, try crafting your own armour and props from cardboard or spray-painting old hockey or football equipment a metallic colour.

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