Ancient Greek Costume Ideas

Written by k.c. moore | 13/05/2017
Ancient Greek Costume Ideas
Create a toga from a bed sheet or leftover fabric. (Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

The culture and mythology of ancient Greece has kept people captivated for centuries. The characters of Greek mythology can provide easy ideas for a last-minute costume. You can create an ancient Greek costume for either a man or woman with a few store-bought items and things you can find around your house.

Greek God or Goddess

A Greek god or goddess is an easy costume to make at the last minute. Create a toga from an old bed sheet by tying the ends together above your shoulder and draping it over your body. Use fabric to create a sash going from your shoulder to your hip and tie a length of gold-coloured cord around your waist for a belt. If you want to be a specific god or goddess, accessorise accordingly with a fake beard and lightning bolts for Zeus, winged shoes for Hermes or a stuffed owl for Athena.


Medusa was a monster from Greek mythology with snakes in her hair. Buy a few rubber snakes from a toy store or gift shop and hair extensions if you do not have long hair. Braid your hair or the extensions and wrap them into a bun, weaving the rubber snakes through and locking them in place with hair clips. Add green lipstick and eyeshadow and a black dress or toga made from a bed sheet. If you really want to make the costume stand out, consider snake-eye contacts from a costume shop.


Satyrs are half-goat, half-human mythological creatures with furry legs and horns on their head. Create a satyr costume by sewing together a pair of trousers using brown woolly fur. To make the cloven feet you can carve hooves from foam, spray them black and put them on a pair of old black shoes. You can grow out your facial hair into a goatee and mutton chops or use leftover fur material to create your own. Pointed costume ears and a red scarf complete the look.

Greek Soldier

If you want an ancient Greek costume that is a little more down-to-earth, consider a classic Greek soldier look. You can fashion a toga from fabric or a bed sheet and buy plastic armour from a costume shop to put over the toga. A sword, shield and feathered helmet completes the look, all of which you can find at a costume shop or dollar store. If you don't want to purchase this costume, try crafting your own armour and props from cardboard or spray-painting old hockey or football equipment a metallic colour.

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