Cooking Contests for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Cooking contests are good ways for kids to learn how to cook and refine their kitchen skills. Kids can participate in a variety of cooking contests that test their skills in baking, creating healthy dishes, making sauces and cooking with certain ingredients, such as potatoes. You can organise your own cooking contest for kids or enter a local contest in your community.

Baking Contest

Baking contests are a great way for kids to learn basic baking skills while indulging their sweet tooth. Challenge kids to a cupcake bake-off and require that they incorporate their favourite colours into the cupcakes. You can also have kids bake cookies using recipes they create themselves. Allow them to be creative in baking the best-tasting items possible. After they have finished their baked goods, have the neighbourhood kids decide which baker is best.

Healthy Food Challenge

Teach kids that healthy foods can be delicious too. Challenge them to create the best-tasting, healthy dish they can using vegetables or fruits. To make it interesting, have kids create a three-course meal in the most healthful way possible. Judge the dishes based on how healthy they are and how good they taste. You may also want to judge based on ease of preparation to teach kids that eating healthy can be as easy as eating fast food.

Making Sauces

Challenge kids to explore sauce creation with a sauce-off contest. You can have kids make sauces for specific meats, such as chicken or steaks, or have them create unique sauces for desserts. Use the same meat samples when judging the sauces for a fair judgment. At the end, have the contestants reveal what they used in their sauces to create the unique flavours.

Potato Challenge

Kids can cook potatoes in a number of ways. In a potato cook-off, have kids create potato dishes of any kind. Allow each kid to use as many, or as little, ingredients as they want, including one meat to include in the potato dish, if they want. Each kid gets one hour to complete their potato dish. At the end of the hour, have each kid present their dish before tasting. Judge based on flavour and creativity.

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