List of Greek Breads

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In Greece, bread is considered an important part of every meal and there are several types of bread that are enjoyed in Greek culture. Many Greek breads have a rich history and have been enjoyed throughout the country for centuries.

Some of the most common Greek breads are pitas, Bobota, Horiatiko Psomi, Skorthopsomo and Tyropsomo. Lagana, also called Clean Monday Bread, is a special Greek bread eaten only once a year.

Pita Bread

Pita bread is a round bread that when sliced in half, contains a pocket and is commonly used for making sandwiches. The pocket is formed by steam during the cooking process. In Greece, pita gyros are made by adding tomatoes, onions, meat and tzatziki, which is a yoghurt-based sauce, to the pita. Pita bread can also be dipped in tzatziki to enjoy as a snack or appetizer.


Bobota is a Greek bread that was originally made by poorer cooks because the recipe uses only a few basic and inexpensive ingredients. The bread is made from cornmeal and uses orange juice to pull the meal together, rather than milk, butter or eggs. Bobota is usually very crumbly, but it can be made in any texture, from a sturdier bread to one with a polenta-like consistency.

Lagana or Clean Monday Bread

Lagana is only made on the first Monday in Lent; this day is considered the first day of Lent according to Eastern Orthodox churches, which are common in Greece. The bread is a simple leavened bread and is usually enjoyed with shellfish.

Horiatiko Psomi

Horiatiko Psomi, or "country bread," is a dense and crusty Greek bread that has been made in wood-burning ovens for centuries. Popular in rural Greece, this bread's texture is perfect for dipping into olive oil and sauces and is made by mixing several different types of flours. Some cooks also prefer to use sourdough instead of yeast in the recipe.

Skorthopsomo and Tyropsomo

These two Greek breads are simple but very delicious and are usually served with meals. Skorthopsomo is a garlic bread that should always be made with fresh garlic. Most cooks pound the garlic and mix it with butter to spread onto the bread. A food processor can also be used to crush the garlic. Tyropsomo is made with feta cheese. A substantial amount of feta cheese is worked into the dough and then the bread is baked, giving it a rich flavour.