The Top 10 Condiments

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People all over the world enjoy topping their food with some type of condiment. Condiments take bland, boring food and transform it into something extraordinary. People love to dip food into something savoury and sweet or kick up the spice with some tangy sauce.

One thing is for certain, food just wouldn't be the same without adding condiments.


Ketchup, or ketchup, is used by people of all ages. Who would have ever guessed smashing tomatoes and adding some spices would become one of the most popular condiments in America? Ketchup can be used at every meal time, from eating with eggs to dipping chicken nuggets. Ketchup is considered to be one of the most popular condiments used in America.


Mustard comes in many different variations. Some prefer traditional yellow mustard on hot dogs or pretzels, while others prefer a zestier type of mustard. A popular mustard to use on sandwiches is zesty brown mustard. This mustard brings sweetness and spice to any sandwich. A popular mustard used to dip chicken fingers is the sweetly delicious honey mustard. This mustard is jam-packed with a variety of spices, mustard and honey, making it an ultimate condiment for chicken.

Hot Sauce

This condiment brings a bold, spicy flavour that cannot be found anywhere else. Hot sauce is one of the best condiments used on chicken wings. Although hot wings taste phenomenal, this condiment can be used with other foods too. Try adding some hot sauce to eggs or steak and see the enticing flavours come to life.

Barbecue Sauce

Two words can be used to describe this condiment: sweet and tangy. Barbecue sauce is used to grill food such as chicken, pork and steak. Some people will marinate with barbecue sauce first, and then use it to compliment the finished food product as well. Many regions of the country have a preferred consistency and texture to their barbecue sauce. Some regions prefer thicker, tangier sauces while others prefer their sauce to be thin and mild.

Steak Sauce

Steak sauce adds boldness and tangy richness to any steak. This condiment is great on any type of meat. It combines unique spices and seasonings to create an ultimate mouth-watering experience. Some people choose to use this condiment to enhance flavours in soups and stews also. Steak sauce has been a favourite among Americans for centuries.


One of the best loved condiments that can be found in any kitchen is the beloved mayonnaise. This condiment is a great addition to any sandwich bringing a distinct flavour many of us have come to know and love. This condiment is also used to make side dishes such as macaroni salad and potato salad. Mayonnaise can also be used as a dipping sauce.

Worcestershire Sauce

This condiment is great for tenderising meat and enhancing it with flavour. Worcestershire sauce is generally used in grilling foods, but can be used in a variety of ways. Try adding it to soups, stews and sauces for additional flavour.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is a great condiment to use with any type of Asian food. This condiment tastes great in stir fry dishes and accompanies sushi well. Soy sauce can be used to make bland rice taste better, and it can also kick up the flavour of many Asian dishes.

Ranch Dressing

This condiment has become the ultimate "dipping" sauce. Ranch dressing has become very popular with chicken wing lovers. Many love to dip their wings in this delicious dressing. Ranch dressing is also used to dip many other foods, such as celery, carrots and cucumbers.


Relish is another delicious condiment added to enhance the flavour of food. Relish comes in a variety of flavours and can be added to many different types of foods. This condiment brings a sweet, delicious flavour to any ordinary hot dog. Relish can add flavour to hamburgers and tuna fish, also.