What do you serve with Lobster Thermidor?

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Lobster Thermidor has graced Parisian menus for over a century as a decadent French favourite. A rich and creamy spin on the luxurious shellfish, Lobster Thermidor consists of a velvety mixture of chunks of lobster meat smothered in a decadent egg yolk, dry mustard and cognac (or brandy) sauce, and stuffed back inside the lobster shell, and topped with crispy broiled Gruyere cheese. So what do you serve to accompany such an extravagant dish? Simple, bright, fresh, light – these are what you should look for when complimenting Lobster Thermidor.


If Lobster Thermidor is your main course, you’ll want to start the meal with something light. Perhaps a simple salad of mixed greens, heirloom tomatoes and cucumber with a simple balsamic vinaigrette, or maybe a light cauliflower soup.

Green vegetables

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple with a side of vegetables, lightly sautéed in a few drizzles of olive oil with chopped garlic and a squeeze of lemon. Fresh dark green vegetables that are in season like asparagus, spinach, green beans or swiss chard will balance the richness of the creamy lobster sauce.

Surf and turf

If you are a serious eater, why not go all out with the ultimate indulgent meal: the surf and turf. An ideal dish to share, prepare a half portion of the lobster along with a grilled piece of beef, like a pepper-encrusted filet mignon.


You’ll want to pair Lobster Thermidor with a light and bright wine in order to cut the richness and compliment the overall balance of the dish. White wines are often the best way to go, like a fine, oaky New World Chardonnay.


Complete the meal on a fresh note with a fruit-based dessert for a light end to a wonderful meal. Poached pears in a red wine sauce, a fruit plate with a glass of champagne, Italian ice or a lemon-passion fruit granita are all clean, light and sweet palate cleansers.

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