Long-distance relationship gifts for him

Updated July 20, 2017

Those in long-distance relationships always enjoy reminders of what they're missing at home. Consider sending your man a gift, showing him that he's still constantly on your mind. Send your boyfriend things that are more personal rather than gadgets or cologne. Nostalgic gifts will be greatly appreciated.

Something Personalized

An engraved watch or picture frame with a special message is a long-lasting gift that your man can view daily as a constant reminder of you as it sits on his desk at work or night table.

Cookie Jar

Consider sending a quirky cookie jar with some of your man's favourite goodies inside. Although you don't see each other every day, your boyfriend doesn't have to miss out on your cooking. You can replace the treats every few weeks as your boyfriend begins to run low with a recent picture of yourself or a handwritten "I Love You" note.


Using elegant stationery, write a letter to your boyfriend letting him know how much you miss him and any plans for the future you may have. The written word can mean a lot. Use this opportunity to reminisce and tell him about what he's missing. Spray the note with your signature perfume and toss it in the mailbox.


A scrapbook is a great way to remind your boyfriend about all of the memories you've made as a couple. Include pictures from some of your most memorable moments together. Add captions with your pictures and tape some movie stubs and notes to your boyfriend inside. Each time you see each other, you can create more memories to add to your scrapbook.

Care Package

A more practical gift idea is a care package. It's not necessary to give extravagant things to show your sweetheart that you miss him. Consider creating a care package complete with basics like boxers, aftershave, undershirts and socks. Distance shouldn't stop you from taking care of your man as you would if you saw each other often.

Movie Box

Purchase two copies of your favourite film as a couple, keeping one for yourself and sending the other to your man. Place the movie in a box with movie-sized boxes of chocolate and a package of microwaveable popcorn. Let your boyfriend know you don't have to give up movie dates just because you don't reside in the same city.

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