Ideas for wedding telegrams

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A remnant from days gone by, wedding telegrams provide a method to inform the happy couple you are unable to attend their wedding. Normally read by the best man after his speech, wedding telegrams may be thoughtful, humorous or contain a picture. Send your telegram message with the idea that not only the bride and groom will hear the message, but everyone attending the entire wedding reception, so make it suitable and not too personal.


Send a message that expresses your condolences about missing the happy day with congratulations, or relate a short story about how the happy couple met. A simple, "Regrettably are unable to attend this joyous occasion and want to extend our best wishes to the happy couple," is acceptable. offers these suggestions, "We wish you every happiness as you celebrate the love you share," and "We share in your happiness and wish you all the best."


Acceptable for all guests to hear, messages that allow for a laugh suggest humorous actions. You can send a funny story about the couple or use a prepared quote. According to, a telegram that usually receives a laugh is, "A woman usually begins by resisting a man's advances, and then ends by blocking his retreat." Another favourite is, "We wish you well on your special day, may all your dreams of marriage come true, may all your troubles be small, and remember that marriage is like a three ring circus: first is the engagement ring, then the wedding ringc and then the suffering."


Send a telegram that contains pictures and words. A telegram of a dove symbolising eternal love with a heartfelt, "May your love grow stronger each day," creates a keepsake for the couple. Or, choose an open bottle of champagne and the telegram message, "Couldn't be there in person to celebrate so raising a glass to your nuptials here." Another option shows a set of wedding bands, and states, "May your love be like these circles, never-ending."

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