Fun Ideas for a Rollerskating Birthday Party

A roller skating birthday party is entertaining and a healthy activity for older children and adults. According to the Roller Skating Association International, most roller skating rinks are affordable party locations, complete with music and skate rentals. Also, a local park with flat walkways is suitable for roller skating parties. By choosing a roller skating activity for you birthday party, you can work fun ideas for your party around it.

Invitations and Decorations

Cut a roller skate out of construction paper and add party details on the back. Take a photo of the birthday person and add it to the top of the boot for a more personalised invite. A bow glued at the top of the roller skate invitation is another fun idea. Depending on the rules of the skating rink or park, multicoloured streamers and balloons would be festive. Other decoration ideas include blow-up skates and flowers coming out of vintage roller skates.

Food and Cake

Skating parties need finger food for the guests to grab between skating. Tea sandwiches cut in the shapes of roller skates, and caramel popcorn in cones made from wrapping paper is fun. Cut cookies into roller skate shapes too. With all the aerobic skating, be sure to provide guests will plenty of water and possibly sport drinks. Top a sheet cake with a skater on a roller skating rink made from yellow gel frosting for a fun birthday cake. Cupcakes are a fun and less messy idea for younger children. Place plastic skate decorations on top of your cupcakes.

Games and Favors

Besides skating relay races, guests should try their hand skating obstacle courses set up with traffic cones. Skate dance contests would be fun, and playing red light, green light is fun for younger children. Mini-roller skate keychains and mini-disco ball keychains are fun favours for a skating party. Guests would also like personalised T-shirts with the name of the event as favours. Personalised pencils, whistles and giant bubblegum balls are other fun favours for a roller skating birthday party.

Other Fun Ideas

If you want a retro roller skating party, you can turn your skating theme into a 1980s party. Play music from the 1980s roller skating film, "Xanandu," and ask guests to wear spandex and leg warmers. A 1950s theme with poodle skirts for girls and greased hair and jeans for boys would also be fun. You may want a disco roller skating party, complete with a disco ball and fun 1970s music. Offer guest food and favours from the era. `

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