Cave woman costume ideas

When it comes to choosing a costume for Halloween or a fancy dress party, dressing as a cave woman is a fun and easy option for many girls. Unlike more complicated costumes, you can usually pull together a cave woman look with items that you already have at home. Buying a few fun, extra accessories can add to the look and turn you into an authentic cave woman for your next party.

Animal skin clothing

The iconic image that most people have of a cave woman would not be complete without an animal skin dress. If you are putting together a cave woman costume, a brown or tan suede dress is an ideal option. You may also use a suede top and skirt if you prefer, but any outfit should be on the short side, coming to just about your knees. A dress or skirt with a ragged hemline can add an air of authenticity to your costume. If you do not have suede outfit, an animal print dress or skirt and top is a good alternative. Cheetah or tiger prints usually look best, but most animal prints will help give you a fun cave woman look. You may also purchase animal print fabric and make a toga-like dress for your costume.


Because cave women are thought of as wild and uncivilized, your hair should be messy and unkempt. Adding volume to your hair is important, so use hot rollers or a curling iron to give your hair extra body. You may also want to use a comb to tease extra height into your hair near the crown. Once you have added volume to your hair, there are several hairstyling options that may help you achieve a wild look. The most common look for cave women may be the half up, half down style, with the top portion of your hair pulled up into a very high ponytail. For added fun, consider fastening a lightweight foam or plastic novelty bone to your hair tie. If you prefer to leave your hair down, an animal print headband can help bring the look together as well.


Make-up can help complete your cave woman costume, and there are a couple of looks that work well with the wild woman theme. For a more authentic look, keep your make-up to the bare minimum, with a light foundation, mascara and a clear lip gloss. Smudge some dark coloured eyes shadow or powder on certain spots on your face to mimic the look of dirt or use eyeliner to draw symbols that resemble cave drawings. If you prefer a more made-up look for your costume, smoky eye make-up using bronze shades or other dark, warm colours is a good option. Bronzer and gold or peach coloured lip gloss may complete the look.


As with most costumes, accessories can make all the difference when you dress up as a cave woman. While going barefoot may be the most authentic look for your costume, it may not be practical if you are going out to a party or club. Simple leather sandals or animal print flip flops are a good option. Faux animal tooth jewellery such as a necklace or bracelet is a great addition to a cave woman costume as well. Consider going to the costume or novelty shop for a foam club to give your costume a fun touch.

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