New Big Sister Gift Ideas

Updated June 26, 2018

Siblings face a major adjustment when a new baby joins the family. A gift for the new big sister makes her feel special, especially at a time when her new sibling gets most of the attention. The age of the child plays a big role in the gift selection. Choose a gift to match her interests and age.

Doll and Supplies

A doll, complete with accessories, gives the new big sister a chance to play mom herself. Buy doll diapers, clothing, brushes and feeding utensils to go along with the baby. When you care for newborn, encourage her to do the same with her doll. For example, she might feed her baby a bottle while you feel your baby. This makes her feel more involved and keeps her entertained while you handle baby care duties.

Matching Gifts

A matching gift set for the new baby and older sister creates a connection between the two. If both children are girls, you have more options for matching gifts. Things such as hair bows, jewellery, shirts or entire outfits are a possibility. Another option is to create personalised shirts for the baby and older sister. The matching gear creates a sentimental photo opportunity and a keepsake for both kids. The older sister feels like the centre of attention just like her new sibling, since they both receive the same gift.

Baby Book and Journal

For girls old enough to write, a baby book or journal gives her a place to record her own experiences with the new family member. She adds her thoughts about her new sibling and records special moments, such as when the baby comes home. A baby book allows the older sister to create a keepsake book for her younger sibling. Let her fill out the pages from her perspective so her sibling can look back at it when he gets older.

Entertainment Basket

A basket full of entertainment items gives the older sibling something to do when her mom is busy with the baby. The basket works well at the hospital if the older sister visits for an extended time. Craft supplies are an example of items that work in a basket. Look for items such as crayons, markers, glitter, construction paper, stickers and glue to include in the gift. Colouring books, picture books, movies and music CDs are other options. Toss in a few snacks and treats for the child.

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