Formal Dinner Party Ideas for a Teen

Written by crystal street | 13/05/2017
Formal Dinner Party Ideas for a Teen
Indulge in the make believe and take your teenager's formal dinner to new heights. (Dinner image by tgdusty from

Creating a formal dinner party for teens can involve a variety of culinary and thematic elements. Incorporate a learning component by cross-cultural themes, hiring an in-house chef or recreating the dinner scene from the "Titanic" movie. Allow your teens to engage their creativity and help plan and execute their formal dinner party.

Book or Movie Theme Night

Create a theme night for the formal dinner using a movie, book or time period as a point of reference for the theme. For example, create a formal dinner atmosphere based on the "Great Gatsby" or "Titanic," with the teens dressed in 1920s formal costumes and with the high-end dinner party atmosphere written about in the book. Allow the teens to suggest their favourite books or movies and choose the party with the largest educational and creative component.

High-End Restaurant with Special Transportation

Select a four- or five-star restaurant with special transportation to the dinner venue. If the budget allows, select a limousine or horse-drawn carriage and a restaurant with a formal dress attire. If the budget is limited or the group of teens is large, choose a nice venue with a private room and a specialised menu for the group.

Tapas from Around the World

Choose an international theme with a variety of tapas or appetizers from around the world. Ask each teen or couple to choose a country, recommend a dish and dress in the formal attire culturally specific to their country. Decorate the host dining room in the various countries represented and encourage a very informal eating atmosphere, with an emphasis on socialising and sampling.

Catered Dinner with Hands-On Learning

Hire a local chef to cater the formal dinner and prepare the meal as each course is served. Include an educational component by having the teens participate in the preparation process, if the formal attire permits. Arrange the table settings close to the chef so the teens can learn and interact with the chef as the dinner is prepared.

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