Wedding Gift Bag Ideas for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Wedding gift bags or favours are often given by the groom and bride to those who attended their wedding in order to recognise and show their appreciation for those who partook in their special day. However, many of these gifts are only themed toward adults, with no thought of the children who also attend. By creating wedding gift bags for kids, the bride and groom can recognise even the youngest people who attended their wedding.

Sand Pails with Favors

Fill a small metal pail with sand. Intermittently throughout the sand, insert small favours. These can range from rings to tiny toy dinosaurs to little gemstones, such as polished pink quartz. These favours are fun for children to dig for to find in the sand.

Activity Books

Create special books that are similar to the adult's itineraries but filled with either word puzzles, colouring pages or fun games that kids can play during times they may be bored during the ceremony. At the kid's table, place colouring pencils or pens.

Seeds and Watering Cans

Attach a small piece of biodegradable card stock, with several seeds in the paper, and the child's name or the word "love" on it to a small watering can. Tell the child that if he plants that small piece of paper and waters it only with water from his can, he can grow his very own flowers.

Colouring Fans

Paper fans with colourful pencils or markers alongside are a craft that children can not only take home but also use during parts of the ceremony or reception, which they may find boring. The fans can be plain or have pre-drawn colouring lines. Disney characters are an option that appeals to both boys and girls.

Fortune Cookies

Give three fortune cookies to each child. Fill them with wacky fortunes, sayings or small word puzzles. Have a specific time during the reception, such as right before the speeches, where the children can open the cookies and be preoccupied by their contents.

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