Colors of curtains that look best with an oak kitchen

Written by adrienne davis | 13/05/2017
Colors of curtains that look best with an oak kitchen
Choose kitchen curtains that match the wood stain. (kitchen image by yong hong from

When selecting curtains for a new oak kitchen, or refreshing the look of an older one, you must consider the hue of your cabinets, since colours that clash can create a sense of imbalance. On the other hand, complementary colours that contrast or analogous colours that blend create a feeling of harmony and a visual sense of style. Stained oak cabinets come in a variety of colours including tans, browns, reds and off-white.

Light or Medium Brown Oak Cabinets

If your cabinets are a light tan to medium brown, and you enjoy earthy colours, select a medium to deep brown, sage green or copper colour for your curtains. If you prefer more modern hues, you could go with a turquoise, teal, pea green or red. Someone who is conservative when it comes to colours might be happier with light brown, deep tan, or caramel coloured curtains.

Dark Brown Oak Cabinets

Dark oak wood lends itself to contrasting colours so implementing almost any light coloured curtains such as white, ivory, beige, yellow, taupe, mauve or grey would create a stylish variation. If you gravitate toward earth tones consider medium to deep brown, dark or sage green, deep red or vibrant gold. If your taste leans towards contemporary, you might enjoy red, any colour of blue, purple or aqua.

Cherry Stain Oak Cabinets

Oak wood with deep cherry or other red-hued stains often appear very rich and sophisticated. As with most dark cabinets, complementary coloured curtains such as white, tan, beige, light grey or gold would create a pleasant contrast. Curtain colours analogous to red would include rust, gold or pink. If you like blending vibrant colours, think about using curtains that are rich copper, deep garnet, sage green or chocolate brown.

White-Washed Oak Cabinets

Some kitchens have cabinets that are finished in a whitewash colour. If your cabinets are a neutral whitewashed hue, then you can select almost any colour that you want for your curtains. White or off white curtains may present a stark, contemporary look, but blended with appropriate furnishings and accessories, a simple chic decor could result. Pleasant pastel colours such as pink, light blue or soft green would blend nicely, but a bathroom or bedroom might be a better place to use pastels with white. A more appropriate selection for the kitchen would be tan, taupe, brown, grey, deep blue or green. For striking contrast use bold colours such as aqua, teal, bright green, orange, rust, red or even black.

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