The best suits for stocky men

A well-fitting suit is an essential look for any successful man. The only problem is that men come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s not always easy to find the best fabrics, style or cut to complement the individual’s body shape. Whether you are stocky, tall or short, the aim of a good suit is to overlook your physical flaws and highlight your body’s attractive qualities. Getting the best suit for yourself is the first step towards being taken more seriously in your professional career.

Suit styles

Every item of clothing a stocky man wears must make him appear to be slimmer. Wearing a large, roomy suit isn’t the answer in the same way wearing a tightly-fitting suit isn’t either.

Pinstripes can help to reduce the impression of breadth. This style creates the illusion of height and a slimmer physique. Anything that makes you appear more stretched out will lessen the prominence of your girth. You are able to draw attention away from your size and feel more confident in the presence of your peers because of it.

Dark colours are a stocky man’s best friend. The monochromatic effect you get from wearing the same dark colour from top to bottom again makes you look taller and slenderer. Blacks and navy blues work best here as they are safe colours. Also you may want to consider a jacket with vents as they help to streamline your physique.


Stocky men with waists that are larger than their chest have trouble finding a jacket that fits well around the shoulders and snugly around the midsection. The best way to remedy this problem is to search for a jacket with a substantial cut and a drape that flatters instead of constricting.

Peak lapels or a two button jacket can help to elongate the torso. A deep “V” makes the chest look lengthier whilst the peak lapel’s style and width create more vertical lines and aid the suit’s proportions.

Larger men must avoid double-vented jackets as they will attract the eye on a huskier build. Single vents provide adequate comfort and space without promoting a bulky backside.


Stocky men should not wear fitted shirts as the bunching will be evident. Purchase shirts that are looser around the midsection so that there is nothing unsightly for an observer to focus on. Things you may want to consider are buying a shirt that is sufficiently long to tuck in, loose enough that it doesn’t stretch to your stomach and fitted to the point that there isn’t any billowing of material over the trouser waist.

You should also avoid elaborate patterning like checks. As a style, they’re too brazen and will draw looks. Keep your shirt choice simple and elegant.


A particularly flattering method for the lower half of your body is trousers with braces. The drape and high waist will prevent you being cut directly in half below the stomach. The high waist also makes the legs look longer and eliminates the need for a snug fit around the bottom area.

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