Cute short bob hairstyles

Updated April 17, 2017

The bob cut is a popular and versatile women's hairstyle. Short bob styles are typically cut to chin length, or to just above the chin line, although some styles are cut to a shorter length that is about level with the ear lobes. When choosing a short bob hairstyle, consider your age, face shape and the size and stature of your body. The Bob Hairstyles website suggests that as a general rule, "the younger and more petite you are, the shorter you can go with a bob haircut."

Blunt-cut Bobs

A blunt-cut bob features hair that is cut to an even length all the way round the head.

A chin-length cut that features a side-swept fringe is a classic style that suits most face shapes. "Cleopatra" styles, which include a straight blunt fringe, suit faces that have delicate features; however, avoid blunt fringes if your face shape is round. Style a blunt-cut bob by blow-drying to achieve a sleek effect, or scrunch-dry for a demure and tousled finish. Alternatively, style by using heated rollers at the crown and sides of the head to add volume and gentle waves.

Layered Bob Cuts

Contemporary bob hairstyles feature soft layers and tapered ends to add femininity to shorter cuts. Softly layered bobs suit all face shapes, but choose a chin-length version if your face is round. A flirty, side-swept fringe suits narrow face shapes, and may soften the appearance of a prominent nose. Add "girly" movement to your layers by wrapping the ends around curling tongs.

Choppy layers create a bolder look for younger women that suggests "rock chick" or "punk rock." Use styling wax to create texture for "mussed-up" tresses, and for a style that is edgy, but still feminine.

Inverted and Angled Bob Cuts

For an inverted bob, hair is tapered at the nape of the neck and then angled to fall just above chin level. An inverted bob frames the face and emphasises a slender jaw and neckline. A low straight fringe that falls just below the eyebrows, so that your eyes peek out from underneath, gives this style a playful edge.

The angled bob also features side hair sections that hang longer than the back section. However, the angled bob is without severe tapering at the neckline and is therefore more flattering for mature women, especially if accompanied by a soft, side-swept fringe.

Asymmetric Bob Cuts

Asymmetric bobs are cut so that hair length is longer on one side. For example, hair is cut to jaw-length on one side and to chin-length on the other. Short, asymmetric bob cuts are high-maintenance hairstyles that suit trendy younger women who dare to create a fashion statement through their clothes, make-up and hairstyles. Short, asymmetric bob cuts suit women who have petite features and faces that are oval or heart-shaped. A partial nod to the asymmetric trend is to opt for an asymmetric fringe that either hangs flirtatiously over one eye, or is tucked cutely behind the ear.

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