How to Make a Pet Grow Faster in "Petz 5"

Updated April 17, 2017

"Petz 5" is a computer game that allows players to adopt, breed and care for their own virtual pets. "Petz 5" comes with two games in one -- "Catz 5" and "Dogz 5." Both animals age in real time and require constant care to avoid becoming ill. If players don't want to wait several days for their pets to get older, they can make their pets grow up faster by adjusting the time on their computer clock.

Open "Petz 5" and play for at least 20 minutes.

Exit the game by clicking the red arrow located at the top right corner of the screen.

Open your computer clock located in the lower right corner of your monitor by right-clicking it and selecting "Adjust Time/Date."

Increase the time by two hours and the date by one, then click "Apply."

Open "Petz 5" and view your pets. They will have increased in age. You can now change the time and date back to normal without it affecting your game.

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