D Power Digivice Instructions

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In the "Digimon" universe, a device called the Digivice allows trainers to control and interact with their pet Digimon, or digital monsters.

The Bandai D-Power Digivice allows users to play with their characters, and walk them through a virtual landscape, fight wild Digimon, play games and "digivolve" or grow into more powerful forms. With all of the features on your Digivice, it helps to have instructions to help you figure out how to play the game.

Power on your D-Power device using the on-off switch. The on-off switch allows you to turn off the screen when you aren't using your Digimon, and conserve battery power.

Bring up the status menu by pressing the bottom button. You use the bottom button to "confirm" things, the left and right buttons to scroll through menus and the top button to "cancel" menu items. From the status screen, you can see the distance to the next boss, your Digimon's D-power and other statistics about your Digimon.

Scroll through the menu options to bring up other functions. The "Map" menu, for example, allows you to choose a new area to travel in, and tells you how far you have until you complete the area you are in.

Play games with your Digimon on the game screen, where you have the option of Digi-Hunter or Digi-Catch. Digi-catch is a claw capture game, where you use the left and right buttons to move the claw and the bottom button to drop it.

Digi-Hunter is a puzzle game where you line up the faces using the left button to control your cursor's vertical motion and the right button to control the horizontal. When you line things up, press the bottom button. To back out of either game at any time, press the upper "cancel" button.

Use the "Medical" menu to heal your Digimon after a battle.

Change your Digimon, if you want to switch to a new Digimon, using the "Change" menu option.

Connect your Digivice to another Digivice, and switch to the "Vs. Battle" menu to challenge your friend's Digimon. You can only connect to another D-Power Digivice sold in the U.S/ if you have a US Digivice. For more information on battling, consult the "Digimon Battle" guide section.

Connect the Digivice to your computer using the included cable, and switch to "Internet" mode to connect the device to your computer. You can use this to back up your Digimon as files on your computer, in case you run out of batteries or lose your Digimon after battle. Bandai no longer supports the online game which you could play with a D-Power Digivice, but it was once possible to battle players online.

Walk or shake your Digivice until you encounter an enemy, or connect to a friend's Digivice and begin "Vs. Battle" mode.

Swipe an attack card through the reader on your Digivice. The speed with which you swipe the card affects which attack your Digimon will use, and will vary from Digimon to Digimon. There are three different types of attacks: sniper, speed and power. Different foes will have different weaknesses.

Select "items" to use any in-game items you have earned for battle. Some items will restore health or energy to your Digimon, while others will allow you to perform more powerful attacks.

Use the "Change" battle menu option to change Digimon mid-battle, if you need to do so.

Escape from battle using the "Escape" option in the menu. It may not always work with enemies, especially with bosses.

Defend your Digimon from Impmon if you happen to lose the battle. He may appear and try to lure your Digimon away, which you can stop by pressing the bottom button repeatedly to keep him away.