How to Reset a Wild Tangent Free Session

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Wild Tangent offers both free online sessions and games you can download to your computer for a fee. You can register for a Wild Tangent account if you wish to save your progress or use the forums at the website.

After registering, sign in to your account by pressing the "Sign In" link in the top right corner of the window. If you suffer from connection issues or your game stalls, you may need to reset your session.

Click on the "Log Out" button.

Navigate to the top of the Web page.

Click the "Refresh" button on your browser window.

Press the "Sign In" button. Enter your log in and password. Alternatively, click on "Sign In With Your Facebook Account."

Move your mouse over the "Find Games" tap in the upper left corner. Scroll to "Free Web Games." Click on the game you want to play and press "Play."