Tomy Micro Pet instructions

Junko Kimura/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Tomy Micro Pets are miniature toy animals about 4 cm (1.5 inches) tall. According to Ebuyer, they were introduced into the UK in 2002 and since then over a million have been sold. The latest models, as of July 2013, are called Micro Pets-i.

They include bears, cats and dogs, and have names like Applepie, Blueberry and Caramel. Each is capable of five behaviour modes. Each is sold with its own ball.

Avoid mode

In avoid mode, you can get your Tomy Micro Pet to move around without bumping into anything. To activate avoid mode, tap your finger twice on the floor in front of your Micro Pet. Alternatively, tap twice with the ball.

Chase mode

Use chase mode to make your Micro Pet follow after its ball or your fingers. Tap your finger three times on the floor in front of your Micro Pet to activate chase mode. Alternatively, use the ball to tap three times.

Song mode

You can make your Micro Pet sing its own tune in song mode. Tap your finger on the floor four times in front of your Micro Pet. Alternatively, tap four times with the ball.

Duet mode

Place two Micro Pets next to each other to activate duet mode, where they sing their own tunes together. Duet mode will also be activated if Micro Pets encounter each other during their travels.

Fortune telling mode

When two Micro Pets have met three times or more, fortune telling mode is activated. If the two Micro Pets like each other, their tune will become the wedding march. If they dislike each other, you will hear a gloomy sound. Some people believe Micro Pets-i have only four modes. However, fortune telling mode is not immediately apparent and can be regarded as a secret mode.


No setup is required. Simply remove the Micro Pet and ball from the box and start playing with it. You can tap your Micro Pet’s head, instead of tapping the floor, to activate your chosen mode. Unscrew the battery compartment to replace spent batteries. Remove them and insert two new LR44 batteries.