How much to feed a cockapoo?

Thomas Jackson/Lifesize/Getty Images

A cockapoo is a breed of dog - actually two breeds mixed together, into what is known as a designer breed. The two parent breeds are the poodle and the cocker spaniel. Cocker spaniels are small to medium dogs, but poodles vary in size. Cockapoos thusly come in four sizes: Teacup Toy (under 2.72kg.), Toy (under 5.44kg.

), Mini (5.9 to 8.16kg.), and Maxi (over 8.62kg.). How much you need to feed your cockapoo depends on its size and other factors.

Teacup and Toy Cockapoos

Teacup and toy cockapoos weigh less than 5.44kg. If your toy cockapoo weighs 11 or 12lbs., you should consider it a mini cockapoo for the purpose of calculating amount of food to feed it every day. Dogs that weigh 4.54kg. or less require approximately 1 cup of food a day, which you can feed it all at once, in two to four separate meals, or you can leave it out in a dog bowl all day long.

Mini and Maxi Cockapoos

Mini and maxi cockapoos weigh at least 5.44kg., and usually less than 11.3kg. If your maxi cockapoo weighs more than 11.3kg., please consult your breeder or veterinarian. Dogs that weigh between 11 and 25lbs. should be fed 1.5 to 2.25 cups of dog food per day. This amount can be divided up into several meals throughout the day, or fed all at once.

Age Concerns

Puppies are smaller than their full-grown counterparts. If you have a puppy that weighs 3.63kg., for example, feed it as if it were a toy cockapoo, even though it may actually be a growing maxi cockapoo. In general, puppies (less than two years old) and senior dogs (seven years or older) need less food than adult dogs. Always monitor your dog's bowel habits and weight to make sure you are not feeding it too little or too much.

Activity Level Concerns

Active cockapoos need more food than cockapoos that do not have much opportunity to run and play. A free-roaming farm dog, for example, might eat more than an identical dog living in a small apartment in a city whose owner is at work most of the day. While it is important to adjust the amount of food you feed your cockapoo based on factors such as weight, age, and activity level, only very small adjustments are required.