How to Make a Build-A-Bear Birth Certificate Online

teddy bear image by Warren Millar from

Build-A-Bear is a company whose stated mission is to "bring the teddy bear to life." Build-A-Bear Workshops feature a distinctive teddy bear theme; visitors progress through eight stuffed animal-making stations to create a personalised, one-of-a-kind stuffed animal.

Each bear features a unique bar code, registered on the animal's personalised birth certificate, intended to reunite missing stuffed animals with their owners. The birth certificates link the animal's bar code with its owner's name, address and phone number, as well as giving the stuffed animal an official name.

Go to the Build-A-Bear website (see Resources) and add your desired stuffed animal to your cart. Personalise it as desired. Creating a Build-A-Bear birth certificate online requires purchasing a new stuffed animal. If you previously purchased a stuffed animal in a Build-A-Bear Workshop franchise location, you had the opportunity to create a Build-A-Bear birth certificate at the Name Me station, the seventh of eight stations in the Build-A-Bear stuffed animal creation process. Birth certificates are generated only during the purchase of a new stuffed animal.

After adding the personalised bear to your cart, click on the button that says "Name Me (Free!)." This will take you to the page titled "Birth Certificate."

If you are purchasing multiple stuffed animals, or wish to continue browsing and shopping after personalising an animal, you can wait until you have added all your purchases to your cart. A "Name Me" button will appear in your shopping trolley beside each of your purchase selections.

Complete the "Birth Certificate" page. On this page, provide a name and birthday for your stuffed animal, as well as your own (or the giftee's, if the purchase is a gift) name, birthday, gender and contact information (phone, e-mail and postal address). The online birth certificate creation page also offers name suggestions, if you are at a loss for a creative name.

Click "Finished" when you have completed the birth certificate page. Your stuffed animal's new name will appear in the shopping trolley along with the item's description. When your stuffed animal arrives, it will be accompanied by a birth certificate listing the animal's information and unique identification number.