How to buy a pet fox

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Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) are the most popular pet fox in the UK. They can be various shades of reds and even other colours such as silver, despite the name. The foxes can be easily trained, but they can be generally destructive so they need safe enclosures. Although other types of foxes are sometimes kept as pets, the red fox is usually easier to obtain in the UK than other varieties such as fennec foxes.

Consider whether a fox is the right pet for you. Take into consideration your lifestyle, habits, living arrangement and budget. Research pet foxes to see if their personality, needs and care is something that you want to take on.

Learn the rules regarding keeping a fox as a pet in the UK. You don't need a license, but could still be punished if it attacks somebody or isn't sufficiently cared for.

Look online for breeders with good reputations. Finding a breeder in your area will give you a chance to assess a potential pet and is safer for your pet than shipping.

Call pet shops in your local area or region to see if they carry pet foxes.

Find other fox owners and ask them about potential places to find and buy a pet fox. Join online forums that are on the topic of pet foxes. You may encounter breeders or dealers who have pets for sale.

Search in classified ads both off and online for foxes to buy. You may find foxes on websites such as Preloved and Pets4Sale (see Resources).

Select a fox from a breeder, pet shop or another owner. Try to spend some time with your potential new pet before purchasing to check for any red flags in terms of health or personality.

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