How to Face Paint a Frog

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you are dressing up as a frog for a theme party or need a costume for a theatre production, a good alternative to wearing a mask is to use face paints to create a frog face. Allow plenty of time and use good quality paints to achieve a professional finish. Look online at frog pictures for inspiration.

Tie long hair back or secure short hair away from the face with a hairband, so it doesn't interfere with the make-up.

Apply a base coat of green face paint to the lower half of the face. Moisten the sponge and dab one side of it in the face paint, until it is loaded with paint. Smooth the paint over the nose, cheeks and chin, applying it as evenly as possible.

Cover the eye sockets with two round circles of white paint. Use the large brush to apply the paint, covering the eyebrows, eyelids and eye sockets completely. Add an arch of green paint around and above each eye shape.

Use the fine brush to apply a small circle of pink paint to each cheek. Colour the lips with red paint.

Load the fine brush with black paint and use it to outline the frog face design. Draw an outline around each white eye socket and add black eyeballs on the eyelids. Draw around the outer edge of the green face and eye arches. Draw an oversized mouth outline around the mouth. Curl up the corners of the mouth.


Moisten the sponge with water before dipping it in the face paint. Spray the surface of the face paint with a fine mist of water to help achieve even coverage.


Test the face paint on a small patch of skin before applying it to sensitive skin. Do not apply face paint to broken skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Hairband
  • Face paint
  • Water
  • Soft make up sponge
  • Large brush
  • Fine brush
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