How to Make a Turtle Mask

Updated April 17, 2017

Many turtle species are endangered, and learning about them through craft projects helps raise awareness of the plight faced by these remarkable marine creatures. Printouts of turtle masks, such as those at, are an easy way to make your turtle mask. However, designing your own turtle face on a paper plate mask will allow you to be more creative in your craft project.

Cut two eye holes from a paper plate with craft scissors. Paint the plate green using craft paints and a brush. Leave to dry.

Paint a thin, straight, red horizontal line from the outside corner of each eye to the edge of the mask to create turtle facial markings. Dot small circles of light green paint over the mask to add further skin markings to your turtle mask. Let the paint dry.

Cut an equilateral triangle of brown card stock about 2 inches wide at its base. Glue this point down in the mouth area of the mask as the turtle's beak.

Make two small, black dots close together in the centre of the mask using a felt tip pen for the turtle's nose.

Glue the bottom of the mask onto the top of a craft stick so children can use it as a handle to hold the mask to their face.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper plate
  • Craft scissors
  • Dark green paint
  • Light green paint
  • Red paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Brown card stock
  • Black felt tip pen
  • Craft stick
  • Craft glue
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