How to make money with chat lines

Updated February 21, 2017

Chat lines provide a person-to-person service in exchange for a timed fee or a flat membership cost. Chat lines may be informational, providing details about business opportunities or support groups. Some chat lines focus on the romantic, connecting two parties for chat about dating or flirting. As the service provider, your profits increase the more your line is used. The key to making money is fulfilling the needs of your chat niche and quality advertisement that reaches your core audience.

Visit the Federal Communications Commission website and review the rules and regulations to insure that your proposed service does not violate any federal laws. You'll need to apply FCC regulations to any commercial advertisement you plan too. If you don't understand the legalities, consult an attorney to advise you.

Sign up for a 900 number with a chat line service or phone service provider. Choose the features your business will need like voice mail messaging or access to additional lines for operators.

Set up how you will be paid when purchasing your 900 plan. For example, if you'd like to charge by the minute, select this option during set up. In this case, the phone service receives payment first and sends the remainder to you. You may wish to allow customers to access your line using a credit or debit card. In this method, the amount is paid directly to the business owner.

Offer special features on your chat line that will keep members coming back. For example, allowing members to customise an audio profile, member blocking and choosing background music are perks chatters like.

Advertise your chat line through radio spots, online advertising and television commercials. Also, spreading the word through relevant forums and your own social networking pages may help.


When a live chat operator is not available, use a free voice recording to tell customers when your line will be live again. This will cut down on losing calls. Offer short "free chat" promotions to allow new customers to test your chat line. Print your chat line phone number on business cards and give them out daily. Include your 900 phone number as a tag line on each of your e-mails.


Read the fine print of your 900 contract. Some companies allow your clients to "chargeback" or reverse the cost of the calls they've made.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Credit or debit card
  • Phone service
  • 900 contract
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