How to Start a Bricklaying Business

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You don't have to have a lot of storage space for building materials to start a bricklaying business. You can have samples of brick, stone, and brick veneers for your customers. Local brick yards and stone speciality businesses will be glad to supply you with products for specific jobs.

In order to open a bricklaying business, you will need to acquire good bricklayers. The individuals you hire to serve clients will make or break your business. The expertise of the workmanship will help expand your business via building your reputation.

Interview bricklayers and assistants to help them. Make sure you have sufficient talent to serve clients in your area. Talk about pay rates and other issues. Some bricklayers might belong to a union, for example. Find office space next to a storage lot for your bricklaying business. Check with your insurance agent to assess cost of liability insurance and ways to cover employees on the job. Get a quote for premiums.

Check with local authorities on zoning restrictions for such a business. If your selected business address is zoned properly, obtain a business license and sign a lease. Install a desk and other office equipment. Hold employee meetings to establish best practices and evaluate best ways to attract customers. Talk about ways to estimate jobs, hourly rates, and how to estimate large jobs as a stand-alone project regardless of hours involved.

Acquire home design books featuring brick, stone, and veneers of brick and stone. Use a digital camera to take pictures of nice homes and buildings in your area that customers might review. Provide a portfolio for bricklayers to show clients, since many customers will not be familiar with types of brick and stone.

Start by acquiring one or two customers. You want your employees to build a nice home or building to use in your portfolio. Do an excellent job, so you will have testimonials from your initial clients. Work closely with concrete and paving companies in your area. Offer to provide referrals to them and ask them to send clients to you. Build your business one job at a time and one satisfied client at a time. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising in any business, and it's free.

Build a business website as your bricklaying business grows. Place pictures of jobs your employees have completed on the site. Include toll-free phone numbers and your e-mail address. Hand out brochures and business cards at city expos and business gatherings. Join business groups to expand your networking opportunities.