How to start a chat line business

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Chat lines, also known as telephone hot lines, have been in existence for many years. Originally used to get updates on news and weather, chat lines are now most commonly used by dating singles and those looking for advice from psychics. Chat line businesses can be quite profitable since customers are charged by the minute to call in--charges for a chat line call can range from 60p to more than £2 per minute. A chat line business can be started from anywhere, and you can choose any speciality you'd like. To run a successful chat line, you will need to do some planning before you launch your business.

Choose a niche for your chatline. For example, your chat line can be for singles searching for a date or partner, to find friends in a certain region, a psychic chat line or a chat line for those looking to trade information about sports or celebrities. Having a specific niche will allow you to more efficiently target your advertisements and promotions, and it will differentiate your chat line from the many others that are available.

You want to ensure that any advertisements or promotions you develop don't break any laws.

Obtain an assumed name certificate after naming your chat line business and a tax identification number from your state, if required.

Purchase a number from a company -- this is the number people will call that will charge them a set fee per minute (you can set any fee you'd like). You will have to pay a one-time initial fee that can very between £390 and £780, and then a monthly maintenance fee of £16 to £48 per month, depending upon what features you choose for your 900 number.

Advertise your chat line by producing a local commercial, launching an informational website or blog, placing ads in niche magazines and websites, or listing your chat line number in your local business directory or phone book.

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