How to leave a message on a cell phone without calling the number

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Voice mail is a common feature that allows callers to leave messages if a phone is not answered. In many cases, however, directly calling a phone to leave a message is not desired.

If the recipient is busy, for example, or if an awkward conversation needs to be avoided, sending just a voice message provides an alternative to calling. Third-party messaging services, including Slydial and Pinger, allow voice mail messages to be recorded while bypassing the traditional calling procedure.

Dial the number of the voice messaging service, such as Slydial or Pinger. The numbers of these services are available on each website. See also the Resource section. Be aware that standard phone rates apply for these numbers.

Wait for the prompt before recording a message. Third-party messaging companies often play a short advertising message at the beginning of your call in order to offer the service for free. At the prompt, enter the full phone number of the person you wish to message, including the area code.

Record a voice mail message just as you would normally. When finished, hang up or end the call. The messaging service will alert the recipient that he has a new voice message. However, the recipient's phone will not be called directly, eliminating the chance of disturbing him.