Step-by-Step How to Draw Medusa

Updated February 21, 2017

The Greek myth of Medusa describes a Gorgon's daughter cursed with hair of snakes. If a mortal looked into Medusa's eyes, he perished by turning to stone. Medusa often serves as a representation of evil beauty or feminine power gone wrong. If you wish to emulate mythology or add a powerful villain to a scene, draw Medusa. Though Medusa is seen in many ways, she always bears some resemblance to a snake and her hair is made of dozens of snakes.

Draw an oval to represent the head. Under the oval, draw two short parallel lines to represent the neck. Connect the neck to a long, horizontal line to draw the tops of the shoulders. Connect the right arm.

Draw a line from the top edge of the shoulder, bending it at its halfway point. This line should be about two and a half times as long as the oval of the head. Draw the bottom side of the arm by following the top line. Attach the line to a hand. Add the visible fingers and draw long nails. Draw the left arm and hand.

Connect the shoulders to the chest. Place your pencil on the inside of the arm, beneath the shoulder. Draw the outer line of an hourglass to represent the shape of the female body. Draw the hourglass shape on the other side and place your pencil beneath the first outward curve of the hourglass shape. This is the place where the breasts hang.

Draw the bottom line of the breasts by drawing a rounded line. The line should extend from the centre of the chest to the edge of the chest. Erase the right and left corners of the line and draw another line on the other side.

Add the Medusa tail. Extend the bottom of the hips into a long, curving line. Add another line to the other side, connecting the lines in a tip.

Draw the facial features. Draw two almond-shaped eyes with small iris and pupils. Under the eyes, add a long nose by drawing a line that extends downward. At the bottom of the line, draw a semihorizontal line that extends to the right. Draw another line on the left.

Add a small, round mouth. Draw a snake-tongue extending from the mouth. A snake tongue is long and thin and ends with a V-shape.

Draw the Medusa hair. Draw a long, curving line that extends from the hairline to the shoulders. At the end of the line, add an oval curve that represents a snake's head. Connect the oval to a long, curving line that follows the shape of the first line. Draw two small dots on the sides of the snake's head to draw the eyes.

Continue adding snakes until Medusa's hair is thick and long.

Draw scales on Medusa, if desired. Draw a small, rounded polygon on Medusa's skin. Draw another small, rounded polygon next to it. Continue adding scales until all of Medusa's skin displays scales.

Colour Medusa's skin and hair green using coloured pencils or markers. Colour her eyes red or yellow.

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