How to Troubleshoot a Canon MP470

Updated February 21, 2017

Canon's Pixma MP470 All-In-One printer is technically an inkjet printer that sprays ink on the paper to produce text and photos. However, the company describes the finished document output as "laser-quality text," as if the unit is a more expensive and complex "laser printer." The Pixma MP470 relies on the healthy functioning of its various components. It visually alerts users when there is a problem, and some of the most basic, yet important, issues are effortless to troubleshoot.

Replace the ink cartridges if the "U162" or "U163" error appears on the printer's LCD screen. The U162 message indicates that the ink may have run out. If ink is still available, press the "Stop/Reset" button for five seconds to continue printing. The U163 message indicates that ink no longer is available for printing. Pressing "Stop/Reset" will resume printing but also may damage the printer. Also, ink detection is disabled after resuming from the U163 error.

Press the "OK" button to bypass the following message: "The ink absorber is almost full." Continue using the machine for current print jobs but call Canon's service department for assistance. After the absorber is full, the printer disables future jobs.

Turn off the printer as a simple remedy to handle miscellaneous error codes, indicated by "****" or "Error Code." Unplug the power cord from wall outlet and wait about 15 seconds. Plug the printer back in and turn the printer back on. If the error code does not clear, contact Canon.

Press the "On/Off" button on the printer's Operation Panel, if the LCD screen cannot be seen at all. This will bring the machine out of screensaver mode. Also, check that the power cord is securely plugged into an outlet.

Restart your computer if unwanted print jobs are in the queue.

Remove paper from the Rear Tray or the Paper Output Slot to clear up paper jams.


Canon provides a 1-year limited warranty, from the date of purchase, for the MP470 printer. Contact Canon's technical support department for additional assistance via e-mail or phone. (see Resources) Most modern printers connect and rely on computer connections. Alternatively, use tools and utilities in the Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X operating systems to troubleshoot problems with the Canon Pixma MP470 printer. (see Resources)


Use caution when working with electrical appliances and machinery. Where possible, unplug the device before attempting to maintain and troubleshoot its internal and external components.

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