How to Draw a Stick Figure Kneeling

Updated February 21, 2017

The good thing about drawing stick figures is that you don't need advanced graphics software to do so. By using anything from Microsoft Paint to Adobe Photoshop, users can easily create stick figure images. A stick figure is composed of almost only straight lines, but by changing colours and angles, you can add a bit of originality to your stick figure.

Open your photo editor and create a new document.

Select the "Line" tool from the edit toolbar. You can also use a paint brush or pencil, but the line tool will ensure you draw straight lines.

Select a width and colour for your line. The default colour will be black.

Draw a horizontal line from left to right on your canvas. This line will serve as the lower half of your stick figure's legs.

Draw a vertical line that is twice the length of the horizontal line. If you want your stick figure to kneel to the right, start your line on the right tip of your horizontal line and draw up. Start your line on the left tip of the horizontal line if you want your stick figure to kneel to the left.

Draw another leg for your stick figure. To draw this leg, take the line tool and start at the corner where the horizontal and vertical lines meet. Then draw a line shorter than the horizontal line directly above it. There should be a little bit of white space between the two lines that gradually decreases towards the body. The legs should form a very acute triangle.

Draw feet on your legs. Start the line tool at the tip of one leg and draw a short line downward. This line should be very short. Imagine the length of your foot in comparison with the length of your leg. Do this for both legs.

Draw your arms. Go three quarters of the way up the vertical line, and draw a line that slightly angles upwards and is about half the size of your legs. Position your line tool at the corner where the arm meets the body and draw a line directly above the first arm. The arm line should form a very acute triangle just like the legs.

Select the "Circle" tool from the edit toolbar and draw a circle on the top of the vertical line. You can colour the circle by selecting the "Paint Bucket" tool from the toolbar. Then select a colour, and click anywhere in the middle of the circle.

Select the circle tool again and create a small circle inside your larger circle to make an eye. The eye should be in the top right or top left (depending on the kneeling direction) of the larger circle. Fill this circle with a different colour.

Things You'll Need

  • Basic photo editing software
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